Healing Through the Higher Self The Reality That Is
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The form one assumes in physicality is selected as by an act of consciousness, even though it none-the-less appears to have arisen as the result of an interplay among physical forces as determined by genetics and so forth. If this is indeed the case then the body is an agent which must be directly responsive to consciousness as mediated by the mind itself and is itself responsive to any act of healing that may be willed thereby.

This publication covers macrobiotic healing as well as a number of non-physical interventions that can be obtained through various meditative techniques.

It is anticipated that further instruction may be required particularly in respect of meditation techniques and general background information concerning the both the overall spiritual context in which meditation falls as well as in particular aspects of practice. Accordingly additional on-line resources are suggested. Much of the material herein was produced to assist in winning a battle against breast cancer that was successfully undertaken within the author’s own family so that a certain “authenticity” flows there-from into the account. Additionally a WWW link is provided into the author’s web-site where additional pertinent details are presented concerning that campaign-for-life in the form of an annotated step by step account of all the advice and procedures that were involved.

Published: J. Robin E. Harger on
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