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Lady Libertine: A Regency Novella

Length: 128 pages2 hours


Nobody ever truly sees inconspicuous little Lucy Landon – nicknamed Mouse – which makes her the perfect person to report on the scandalous affairs of the ton. With seven failed Seasons behind her, Lucy knows that it is up to her to save herself from a life of dreary spinsterhood and she has come up with a plan. So has the Earl of Hamersley, who is incensed that somebody has had the nerve to report on his public indiscretions. He is determined to unmask Lady Libertine and put a stop to her pen, once and for all. He suspects that Lucy Landon knows more than she is saying, but, when he starts to investigate, he finds the only thing he really wants to discover is how Lucy’s lips taste. Can a tiger really fall for a mouse? And what will Hamersley say when he finds out she is the infamous Lady Libertine?

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