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The Dacian Resurgence

Length: 330 pages5 hours


In 105 A.D., swords of Roman soldiers slaughtered Dacian warriors as women and children hid in fear, in a grotto below the fortified outpost. A prophesy uttered by a high priest nearly 2,000 years ago is catalyst for a 21st century threat of global proportions.

Dacian She-Wolf descendants dedicated to world domination are responsible for deaths of powerful men worldwide. A plot unfolds so devious that even Rance Colby could never have anticipated.

Having vowed retirement, Rance and his new wife, Molly, are reluctantly pressed into service by retired General Rubin Brock, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs—to help find his friend, retired Russian General Dmitry Rutskoy—last heard from when a phone conversation between the generals was, without warning, terminated.

Rance assembles all the pieces, known only to him, and connects the dots—revealing who the powerful government, energy, and financial players are. One phase of the Dacian She-Wolves plot eludes his grasp—how would the Dacian rebirth ultimately unfold?

Rance enlists his former covert team of Arturo Testaccio and Al L’ Ami to assist. No one, not even their leader, would have foreseen that the long dead Dacian King Decebalus and The Angel of Death Josef Mengele—are the keys to the Dacian Resurgence.

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