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The Hand of Baelar.

Length: 410 pages6 hours


The Advent of The End of The Shining Days"... The last, great conflict of the interminable struggle of Good against Evil, which has come to be known as "The Eternal Watchtower" now gathers, to break over Falanholme.
This onslaught will herald the onset of the final, determinate battle against the Forces of The Light, which, if lost, will unleash the dreaded "Night of The Shadows Rising;" where all that is held as good and true will be torn down and returned to Chaos. The Dominion of the dreadful Dark Entity, Baelar will reign supreme, and all that ever was, will be destroyed.
Can the new, young Guardians of The Light, in company with their parents... the original Guardians, prevail against this reckless hatred as Baelar arrays his most terrible forces from the very depths of the Abyss to overwhelm and destroy them; and thus, drag them all down into The Darkness?"

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