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Scriptease; the Hollywood Screenwriter's Little Black Book

Length: 252 pages3 hours


Using a "show-and-prove" style, Scriptease differs from and improves upon other screenwriting books in three important ways:

Scriptease directly links the screenwriting process to the Hollywood studio system. Every rule and lesson points back to the desires and needs of the "reader," the most important first point of contact between the script and the directors, producers, and actors.

Scriptease presents specific examples of characters, story, and structure in the many tables throughout the book.

Scriptease provides the "supermodel" example chart, calling out and explaining the plot points, bumps, and other structural elements of a number of successful movies.

As an added bonus, Scriptease provides a "story structure deck," each "card" labeled with a structural point taken from the "supermodel," to replace the typical use of index cards (intended for photocopy).

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