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Escape or Die and The Emperor Must Die (Combined Edition)

Length: 29 pages16 minutes


If you would like to buy them inside a collection of works, you might want to check out The Ninja Collection (4 stories total.)

Ninja 3: Escape or Die - Two Choices!
It was a good idea. Trapping them like this in an illusion. Kreal and his friends are fighting for their lives in a battle of wills where the real and unreal are mixed. This fight will take them to the limit and leave one of their number seriously harmed. It's a fight to survive ninja style.


Ninja 4: The Emperor Must Die!
Kreal has one more fight left in him. He's been contracted for the biggest job of his life and he's joined up with enemies and allies to make it happen. Today he will meet a man that is more than his match and find out the true meaning of power. Read on to see how he survives his last battle in a way that only a ninja could.

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