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Fortress of Memories and Meeting of Death (Combined Edition)

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This is the combined edition of Pirates 3 and 4. If you would like the collection (all 4 stories) you can find them on by searching Pirates: The Collection. The earlier two stories are available in Pirates: 1 and 2.

Pirates 3: Fortress of Memories
The latest addition to the crew and the woman that 2Eyes has fallen in love with has been taken by the Red League's strongest captain, Bloody Manners. She's been held in a prison that 2Eyes remembers all too well and he will need to fight hard if he wants to get her back. This story takes a deep look at the tragedy that is 2Eyes and is a story of love, friendship, darkness and courage told in a way that will make you laugh and cry as you learn even more about our humble crew of privateers.


Pirates 4: Meeting of Death
One brother, bloodied and broken, will stand victorious over the other tonight. 2Eyes must die and Fence in his rage will burn everything 2Eyes holds dear to the ground to make that murder happen tonight. Blood will run the deck red in sea battle to end all battles. Only one pirate will see land again, but who will it be? The brother he hates or his own fragile persona? - So tensely funny you won't want to put it down.

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