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Riot Junkie: One and Two (Combined Edition)

Length: 23 pages14 minutes


Riot Junkie 1: London
Rick and his friends love riots. They love them because they are an ideal opportunity to do some good old fashion looting. Tonight a sports store full of goods awaits them. Unfortunately, the cops are on to them too. A full on brawl in true Londoner style commences and only the smartest will survive.


These two stories are available in the Terrorist and Riot Junkie Collection with a bonus story from my Uncivilized boxing series.


Riot Junkie 2: LA

Rick has survived Big Tom and his whip fetish and is in LA to hide from the cops. Little does he know, but he is walking into another riot. Rick, being a man of opportunity, knows this is a chance to score some big time American loot and there's a jewelry store with his name on it.

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