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Approaching Omega

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//~Mission to locate Earth-temperate planet for colonisation: failed ...
//~1000 years out from Earth base, damage to colony sleeper hangars 1, 3 and 4 sustained ... all lives lost ... hangars 2 and 5 still operational ...
//~Mission parameters adjusted: Augmentation of colonists to commence ...
//~Request all drones and ’bots to medical units to begin experimentation ...

"British writing with a deft, understated touch: wonderful" - New Scientist.

"SF infused with a cosmopolitan and literary sensibility... accomplished and
affecting" - Paul McAuley.

"One of the very best of the new generation of British SF writers" - Vector

"Eric Brown has an enviable talent for writing stories which are the essence
of modern science fiction and yet show a passionate concern for the human
predicament and human values" - Bob Shaw.

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