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Backyard Brawl and The Final Competitor (Combined Edition)

Length: 25 pages16 minutes


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# Uncivilized 3: Backyard Brawl
Joe has signed up to be the champion of both the underground scene and the legit pro-boxing world's number one, but to do it he has to fight the three best fighters in the illegal fighting world and live to talk about it. It is the hardest fight of Joe's life and one which will decide more than just his future, but the future of boxing itself.

- This story is about 2200 words.


# Uncivilized 4: The Final Competitor
Joe has one more fight to go and it is the monster that started all this. This man has been fighting his way through the world of boxing in the New World and he’s back for vengeance. This is Joe’s last fight. Look forward to an epic read you will not forget!

- This story is about 2500 words.

4. Series Information
# Blood Manor (Story #1)
# The Championship (Story #2)
# Blood Manor and The Championship (Combined Pack)
# Backyard Brawl (Story #3)
# The Final Competitor (Story #4)
# Backyard Brawl and The Final Competitor (Combined Pack)
# The Uncivilized Collection (Stories 1 to 4)

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