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First Time and Train Molester (Erotica Combined Edition)

Length: 20 pages13 minutes


First Time:

About 1500 words.

Kathy and Ryuu are at it again. Things have been progressing nicely and when Ryuu comes over with a sore leg, Kathy just has to nurse him a little to make him feel better.

One thing leads to another and Kathy ends up enjoying some wild hot sex with more than a few 'firsts' thrown into the mix.

Come join our favorite Train Love copy room couple, Kathy and Ryuu, in their most intimate moments yet on a wild ride that will end with three wonderful words.

- Lusty sex.
- Experimentation.
- Fluid play.

Train Molester:

About 1500 words.

Mandy has hobbies – inappropriate ones. One night on a train she is caught engaging in a little sexual teasing, the risky kind, when she meets someone even kinkier.

What happens next is an eye popping series of luscious, fearless, sexy events that will leave two risque individuals in the happiest state of their lives.

With white creamy puddles forming in spread panties, these two have a lot to hide. This is sex on the edge for the extremist in you.

- Public sex.
- Public ejaculation.
- Panty filling.
- Perversion play.
- Fluid play.

1. The entire Train Love series plus the novella can be found in Train Love: The Collected Works.
2. Train Molester is part of the Turning Naughty Series. You can find more by searching for this series title, or you can check out 'Turning Naughty: One to Four (Collection).'

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