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Travel Diary of a Serial Killer Part 2

Length: 33 pages24 minutes


The Confessions of a Modern Serial Killer, Valuable Insight for the Modern Traveler and Evidence In A Modern Murder Case, Right From The Horse's Mouth. Follow Steven and Mary-Anne Brooks through their adventure of a lifetime around the world. Ask yourself how far you would go to quell the annoyances inflicted upon you by your fellow travelers in Part 1 of Steven's travel diary. Evidence for the prosecution in the case of the century, Steven's travel diary is supplemented with police correspondance and transcripted interviews with Steven and Mary-Ann Brooks, this seemingly normal couple who used the guise of traveler to hide a darkness they may or may not have shared. It's up to the police to uncover Mary-Anne's secrets and expose her husband for the boastful innocent or horrible monster he may be.

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