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Blood Manor and The Championship (Combined Edition)

Length: 31 pages20 minutes


This is a combined edition of the first two Uncivilized short stories. You can find the full collection by searching Uncivilized: The Collection by Kenneth Guthrie.

Uncivilized 1: Old School Boxing
Joe is a fighter in a world where violence is unlimited and death is a reality. Today he gets a deal he can't refuse: Lord Thomson is offering $300 for a fight to the death at his mansion. Joe knows he can't afford to refuse this one with a little daughter and not enough money coming in from his other fights. The fight that follows will burn in to the crowd's minds the name 'Joe the Pole' for eternity and beyond. That is if he wins.

This story is about 3500 words.


Uncivilized 2: The Championship
Joe is back and this time he's going to take on the champ. He's had a month of training and he couldn't be more ready. Little does he know Lord Thomson has a surprise waiting for him that will change his life. Read on to find out about Joe's biggest fan.

This story is about 2500 words.

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