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Writer's Companion

Length: 1,028 pages22 hours


Why this book? It's true that writers have many resources at their disposal. The market is literally saturated with books on writing, but the information is so fragmented that writers must compile a library to cover every step of the writing process.
Until now.
The Writer's Companion houses the tools needed to hone a writer's abilities, and it's written in a style a voice that keeps the brain from crying out in frustration or dying of boredom.
Instead of slipping into a coma, writers will master the structure coherent plotting; fiction elements such as point of view, atmosphere, narrative, and characterization; and learn to revise grammar and syntax without imploding under the weight of dull rules. Once those skills are mastered, the Companion details simple but effective ways to rewrite, edit, format, and prepare manuscripts for publication.... And that's just the beginning!
Interspersed with sections listing word usage and vocabulary doubts, syntax mistakes, and other common errors, there are thousands of examples, templates, diagrams, explanation, and chunks of advice for new and seasoned writers alike. The Writer's Companion is a writing course in a single volume.
Whether you read from cover to cover or dip into the sections as a reference aid, The Companion is an invaluable tool for all writers, backed by a thriving online community always ready to help, nurture, and encourage writers at all levels to achieve success.

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