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Final Solution 7

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Kroboski stretched his arm back. A steel hook reflected the dwindling but scorching copper sun. Kroboski snapped the hook forward. Three Long Darts spun along the surface of the hook and catapulted one-after-another toward a wooden barricade. Two of the four-inch shafts drove into the wood up to their hilts. The third dart caught an innocent Dart Boy just to the left of his sun-blistered nose and then drove deep into his eye-socket. The roar of the bloodthirsty, capacity crowd replaced his piercing screams.
In the center of the court, glistening glass cubicles honeycombed, across the court, from edge to edge. The cubicles measured one foot by one foot by one foot with their openings unobstructed for each opponent. The cubicles were stacked four high. On the far side, of the cubicles, a princely, muscular, young man rotated his arms.

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