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The Arbiter Project

Length: 360 pages5 hours


When the daughter of Adam Lucas is brutally assaulted and murdered at the hands of a serial killer, the Senator will go to any lengths necessary to see justice served.

Hans Richter is a scientist working on a top secret project for the United States military to bring dead soldiers back to life right on the battlefield. After the body of one of his test subjects is accidentally sent home, the government orders the project shut down and all traces of its existence eradicated.

Fleeing for his life, Richter meets a group of mysterious strangers claiming to have come from the future to assist him. When Adam Lucas receives a similar visit, his and Richter's fates become intertwined in a web of truth and deceipt. With nowhere else to go, they are forced to travel to a remote island in the North Pacific.

When Sigmund Richter picks up his father's research, the results could have either a profound or catastrophic impact on the future. With the fate of humanity and their very existence hanging in the balance, members of a privately-funded shadow organization known only as The Agency are sent back in time to help Sigmund correct the polluted timeline and get the Arbiter Project off the ground before its too late.

The Arbiter Project contains the complete trilogy (Reason, Renewal, and Redemption) as well as a four-chapter excerpt from Marek Storm's upcoming novel, ION, which is the first book in the Arbiters of Justice series. The Arbiter Project also serves as a prequel to the Arbiters of Justice series and sets the stage by providing background and history for the Arbiters and The Agency.

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