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The End Begins: The Nine

Length: 586 pages8 hours


Cassarah Telmar, as a fish-out-of-water alchemist, copes in a science driven United States after discovering students of the Magic Academy of the Nine are being harvested of their crystals to power a secret technology of an invading military power known as the Coalition.

Discovering this truth would have made her destined for the same fate if she hadn’t escaped.
While seeking a way to bring the Coalition down, Cass allies herself with White Rose, a resistance movement hell-bent to find out the truth about this mysterious military power, having a feeling the Coalition are more than just an invading force keeping a fragile peace with the United States.

Her first assignment partners her with the lonesome mercenary Caleb Knight to reach a retired fort that is suppose to house resources that will enable combat against the Coalition. To keep under they radar, most of their trip is by foot, seeing firsthand the devastation to neighboring towns the Coalition has left in their wake.

As they travel to their destination, they intercept a Coalition prison camp where James Kesumare is held, suspected to have information relating to the fort’s resources.

Though Cass breaks James from the camp, it’s hardly the end. While Cass adapts to the enemy resisting advances from the lonely soldier of valor, she realizes after combing out the vital information from the young man’s memory, that she can collapse the Coalition by backfiring their own alien technology. However it will also bring the academy's destruction.

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