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Daughters of Immortality

Length: 502 pages7 hours


As Shela reflected on her parents' lives, a strange thought entered her mind. What if everything she thought she knew about them was wrong?

Her father had always been the picture of health, while her mother seemed to spend half her life sick and in bed.

But what she had just seen over the last few days had turned all of that on its head. When she found her parents, dead in their bed, her father looked old, withered, and mostly decomposed. While her mother, dead just as long and under the same layer of dust, looked younger than ever and was perfectly preserved.
She couldn't help but notice that her father burned like straw in the funeral pyre, while her mother seemed nearly immune for hours longer than should ever have been possible.

But if everything she thought she knew about her parents was wrong, what did that mean about the rest of her family?

She stared at her hands as she wondered just how much of her mother's blood, was in her?

Daughters of Immortality is the sixth book in The Hummingbirds Series and picks up where Mourning after Dawn leaves off.

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