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21st Century U.S. Military Manuals: Marine Rifle Company/Platoon Marine Corps Field Manual - FMFM 6-4 (Value-Added Professional Format Series)

Length: 696 pages9 hours


Part of our value-added professional format series, Marine Rifle Company/Platoon Marine Corps Field Manual (FMFM 6-4) sets forth doctrine, tactics, and techniques for operations and training conducted by Marine rifle companies and platoons. This Manual provides information on the employment of the rifle company and platoon in the following operations: amphibious operations, helicopter-borne operations, offensive combat, defensive combat, patrolling, auxiliary operations, and counterinsurgency operations.

This Manual discusses the functions of a Marine rifle company and platoon in offensive and defensive operations. It is the basic company manual and is to be used in conjunction with FMFM 6-3, Marine Infantry Battalion; FMFM 6-5, Marine Rifle Squad; and other appropriate manuals of the FMFM series.

The primary mission of the Marine rifle company and platoon is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel his assault by fire and close combat.
The primary mission of the weapons platoon of the rifle company is to provide supporting direct and indirect fires (including close-in antitank fires and demolitions) for maneuvering or defending elements of the rifle company.

The rifle company is the basic maneuver element of the infantry battalion and is capable of performing a variety of combat missions. Its basic organization permits the formation of internal temporary task organizations. It can control additional combat, combat support, and combat service support elements in accomplishing specific tasks.

The rifle platoon is the basic maneuver element of the rifle company, its characteristics are essentially those of the rifle company.
c. The weapons platoon is the basic fire support element of the rifle company. Its organization and equipment permit maximum flexibility, control, and ease of employment in support of the rifle platoons.

As a bonus, this reproduction includes FM-1, The Army Field Manual, a capstone manual containing the vision for the Army - sold separately for $5.99. FM 1 establishes the fundamental principles for employing Landpower. The most important of these are the Army's operational concept and the fundamentals that support it. They form the foundation for all Army doctrine. All Soldiers should understand and internalize them. FM 1 describes the American profession of arms, the Army's place in it, and what it means to be a professional Soldier.

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