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This Week's Stories (July, Week 3)

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This Week's Stories (July, Week 3)

About 20,000 words.

Riot Junkie 1
London is on fire and three thieves are going to take advantage of the situation to score some well deserved loot. All of this would be fine if two of them weren’t as dumb as posts. Unfortunately, with cops, security and much more after them, it’s going to be one heck of a night for these three thieves! “Sticky prose with a hard edge.”

Riot Junkie 2
Fearing the spandex clad mafia boss he owes more than enough money to, our heroic riot hunter finds himself in trouble again as a robbery goes wrong. Shotguns will do the talking and survival will be threatened as the riot hunter bits off more than he can chew in this gritty tale. “True to reality in many ways. This is good old crime fiction at its best.”

Pirates 1
2Eyes has one goal in mind: Get the treasure. Unfortunately, with an uncontrollable second personality and a crew of hardened pirates to keep inline, he has more than his share of worries. Add ninja and a brother bent on ending his life and you have a recipe for death that will be the hardest trap 2Eyes has ever had to escape. “Hilarious in execution. A good read.”

School of Bullies
Violence. The life of a teenager, barely past boyhood, but already destroyed by the hurtful natures of others, will be shaken by the nightmarish behavior of the equally scared. It’s a physiological hell that can only end in bloodshed and death. Watch as school becomes the battleground for a boy bent on revenge. “Harsh and emotional. This is a work of art.”

School Shooter
She should have accepted his request. A simple date wouldn’t have been so hard, right? Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough sense to know the danger he represented. 36 dead and the police left with little they can do, this is the kind of hurt that doesn’t stop coming. One cop will battle it out with the dejected heap of a man, who is the school shooter. “A battle all the way to the finish.”

People should stay dead, or at least that’s how she felt that day. Monster after monster will make Lisa’s life a living hell. Can she survive the dead as they come to munch on her soon to be torn flesh? Death stalks the club tonight and she’s going to have to do everything she can if she wants to survive. “Violent and fearful. Harsh stuff.”

Torment Of A Wife
One lazy no-good husband will find himself in hot water with the wife in a series of delightfully wicked murder attempts that will leave one of them dead or dying as the wife takes matters into her own hands and decides it’s time to get rid of the trash. “Sadistically charming. A good reminder for the married.”

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