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Night Terrors (Haven New Jersey Series #2)

175 pages2 hours


Tessa Palmisano gets no respect—from the magical or normal side of her life, as the Elders and potential boyfriends don’t divulge things to her that she thinks they should.

When someone’s inner organs are found behind her apartment house, she is called in to find the body. After all, she has her own supernatural investigative business, and she could use the practice.

Except there isn’t a body. Doreen Ipcress, one of the Elders, says it’s the sign of a vampirish creature from Native American folklore—and it still walks the small town of Zauber, waiting to extract someone’s heart while they’re asleep...

Across the street from Tessa are a man and his sons. She’s been laughed at for calling them vampires, but she sticks by it, as she’s only seen the occupants at night. When Lorraine, another Elder, is found dead, Tessa thinks someone from that house is responsible. She sets out to prove it, but beds a possible suspect because she can’t help herself (it’s been a while since she’s had that kind of fun).

Tessa is horrified about her priorities with a murderer skulking around town, and she's afraid she's become the creature's next target.

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