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This Week's Stories (July, Week 1)

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This Week’s Stories (July, Week 1)

About 19,000 words.

Uncivilized 1
A fight to the death is in the works as Joe chases after the money and the biggest prize of his life. One fight in ‘the manor of death’ will test Joe’s toughness to the limit and will decide if he really has what it takes to be the best of the best. It’s boxing action for the days when fighters wore no gloves and boxing with the blood sport of choice. “Deadly sporting action vividly described.”

Uncivilized 2
Joe is back and this time he’s going to take on the champ. He’s had a month of training and he couldn’t be more ready. Little does he know Lord Thomson has a surprise waiting for him that will change his life. Read on and enjoy the fight of the century in this brutal battle to the end. “Captivating!”

The short tale of a farmer, whose life changes dramatically as the climatic events of the War of Blood and Bones overflow to burn one farming community to the bone. Thrilling, this story will leave you desiring more and will shock you with the secrets it reveals about one main character in the series. “Twisting and turning, this is an intense piece of work.”

Death Of A Brother
The evil, twisted orc Lark is back for another round of greed and maddening violence in this powerful short story that takes the reader back to the early days when Lark was much less than he is now. Watch as he struggles to hold on to life in a maelstrom of death and destruction that can only be referred to as 'the orc way of life' and find out exactly how his brother met his death.

Arms Dealer
The war is over, but the true war is only beginning. Join Lerk and Hobb as they undertake a deadly assassination that will begin the trail of revenge that is the legacy of the bloody war that shattered the human and orc nations and permanently violated the territories therein. “Clever short fiction.”

Wickedly bloody, violent beyond belief, and evil as can be, this is the story of Steel, dark elf and bane to all living things. This is the tale of one fateful day where family blood lines are cut and a new type of creature emerges from the husk of the innocent. “Devilish fiction.”

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