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Shrines (Nexus 6)

Length: 883 pages14 hours


Volume 6 of the Nexus - The Third Betrayal

The House of All Faith now faces problems across the world from fascists, governments, religious groups and the business cartels of the Sharpe Foundation - all worried about its growing political, religious and financial power. The Design - the underlying principle of Divine conflict - ensures that a new enemy appears in the shape of the Movement; a faction within the House that worships shrines of Gemma Lewis unaware of the agony they cause their Blessed Prophet; the world's most powerful telepath.

Jillsy Stoker, the girlfriend of the deceased Thomas Lewis, embarks on IVF to have his child using frozen sperm which triggers another avalanche of events that threaten the very existence of the entire family and their friends. With the world's first cyborg taking the stage, the Book of All Faith A.I. declaring its sentience, lethal alien tech appearing in Oxford, the Department of Security penetrating all the secrets of the world powers with their Clothos far-seeing system, fleets blockading the UK, Gemma Lewis and her family and friends are soon fighting for their very existence.

As Gemma and Amy Lewis battle their enemies, the seer, Siobhan O'Grady, has a vision of the Three Fates who order her to leave behind her show and embrace her power to penetrate the Darkness slowly eating away at all their possible future time-lines. Beneath a vision of a shattered Moon, she sees Gemma's dreadful future but she has little time to save her, for she finally unmasks her own terrifying nemesis crawling through Time towards her and uncovers the heart-stopping truth of the Third Betrayal...

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