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Savage Evolution

Length: 279 pages4 hours


I believed I was the only viable product of a private university research project gone rogue. Never in my 19 years had I seen a creature remotely like myself. Imagine my surprise when I was presented with the woman of my dreams. It is more accurate to say she was the woman I despaired of dreaming about. She has wings, you see, like me.

I fell in love with her when I first saw her, and I couldn't believe my good luck when I was told to teach her to fly. I can fly, you see, although poorly.

The next two days were wonderful beyond my admittedly limited experience. Besides being beautiful, Louise proved to be witty and fun. She was also an excellent student, asking good questions and demonstrating the learning curve of a genius.

Then our world fell apart. We were separated and shipped across the country to different locations. This is the story of our attempts to keep our promise to each other, our promise to escape and meet at 35N 85W. It's also the story of a precocious twelve year old girl named Becky and a two year old boy named Davy.

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