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This Week’s Stories (September, Week 1)

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This Week’s Stories (September, Week 1)

Devil Worshipers: Indecent Witness
Seen in their perverted acts of vile evilness, the cultists, Steve and Ricky, must give chase to the witness, who knows more than he should. Nightmares await as their witness turns out to be much more than they expect. “Violent humor that is razor sharp to the end.”

Devil Worshipers: Alien Attack
Aliens are after the cult members. Painful deaths – wickedly recorded – bring fear into the hearts of the cultists as the search begins for what might really be ET. Steve and Ricky are called upon to find the threat, wherever it might lurk, and destroy it. Unfortunately, they aren’t the best choice; can they survive this new challenge? “Aliens-weird, funny, hilarious: Originality at its best!”

Devil Worshipers: The Master's Hand
Violence, Satanic in nature, seeks the deaths of the two betrayers. Steve and Ricky return to survive the worst nightmare of their lives. Pain is a certainty, but will they live to talk about it? With a crowd of cult members gagging for their heads, it seems unlikely. “Superb, hellish, nightmarish – Lunatic Inc at its finest!”

Death Days 1
He creeps in the night doing his wickedness upon those who believe themselves oh so safe. Tonight he will feast on one of the weak and take from them the light of the world. Psychopath does not even begin to describe him. He is death.

Enforcer Three: Vengeful Agency
His hit man son is now a target and Vinny must act swiftly if he wants to save him. Death, violence and intense action will ensue as Vinny goes gun to gun with the Mafia’s best in a gang war that will leave the mob shaken. Time is of the essence, but will Vinny make it in time? If he doesn’t, he can be sure of one thing: There will be a funeral in his future. “A must read for the mob action freak!”

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