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Interviewing Terrorists: The Definitive How-to Guide From An Ex-FBI Special Agent

Length: 32 pages23 minutes


This is a how-to guide for anyone who has, or may have in the future, the responsibility of interviewing terrorists. Based on Joe Navarro's research and teachings, as well as his 25 years as an FBI Special Agent, "Interviewing Terrorists" highlights the significant differences between a terrorist interview and criminal interviews. As the author of Hunting Terrorists, Mr. Navarro explains with considerable authority, what is at the core of every terrorist and what must be overcome to achieve a successful interview. The book also reveals and explores at length those techniques that work best with terrorists. This book is written in a manner familiar to law enforcement personnel which is direct and to the point. Full of practical advice, including which personality disorders are most commonly seen with terrorists, this is a must read for law enforcement officers, government agents, and intelligence personnel.

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