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Length: 557 pages10 hours


A Nephilim Prince, angels, demons, traitors and love....

Threatened by an unholy alliance born in the depths of hell, Damon Sarantos returns to Greece intending to take his father’s place as King. By his side is the one person he has cherished more than any other through a lifetime that’s lasted centuries, his new bride, Reign. Knowing she’s unprepared for the realities awaiting her in the isolated world of the Nephilim, Damon is determined to safely guide his wife into the role of Queen while protecting her from their enemies. But when the couple is ambushed in Athens, the Crown Prince is gravely injured and it’s Reign who must protect him in a sinister palace that will test her sanity and faith.

Enemies circle, laying plans to steal the crown. Seeking more than their blood, the ultimate goal is to use the Nephilim people to build an invincible army to destroy all of humanity and set up Satan’s kingdom on earth.

Can Damon heal in time to thwart their plan and save his right to the throne? Anointing waits on the other side of fiery trials... if he can survive the flames.

Anointed is the second in the Tamed series.

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