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Length: 410 pages6 hours


Add one magic-stealing goblet, half a dozen dimwitted trolls, and one conceited wizard. Next add one kidnapped member of the royal family, one concerned son, two bodyguards, a soldier, and an adolescent griffin. Throw in a pinch of green dragon. Mix well and you will have yourself one fantastic action-packed fantasy adventure set in the magical kingdom of Lentari!

Nearly a year has passed since the events of their first visit. Mikal, the young crown prince, is happy, healthy, and adapting well to living on a strange new world with his bodyguards. However, a devious plot has been hatched, one that will force the young prince to return to his homeland.

When Steve gets a mysterious message that says a member of the royal family has been abducted, he makes the decision to return to Lentari, with his wife, so they could aid the rescue party. Mikal is left safe and secure back in Coeur d’Alene with Annie, Sarah’s sister, and Tristan, his tutor. When Mikal sneaks through the portal to try to help, his presence in Lentari becomes known, and draws the attention of the Ylanian wizard who desperately wants to get his hands on him.

Battling thieving invaders, outsmarting repulsive trolls, and trying to stay one step ahead of a wizard bent on acquiring Mikal at all costs, Steve and Sarah must use all the powers at their disposal to keep their young charge safe.

Seek ye not the protector’s wrath...

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