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A Father's Nightmare

Length: 298 pages5 hours


Our family included two teenagers and a toddler when my wife ended our twenty-year marriage. My three-year-old son, “Tyler”, was the angel that kept me sane as I descended into the depths of divorce. I had thought the divorce from the woman I had loved since I was nineteen had introduced me to hell, but when a friend suggested I perform a DNA test on my little boy, I knew hell still waited.
Legally, I was not only faced with an impending divorce from an unfaithful wife, but also a paternity dispute. A fight for a son that, though not biologically mine, I would always consider my own. These issues were greatly compounded when my fight against paying alimony to the woman that lied to my children, the family court and me resulted in my incarceration. Emotionally, I was spiraling into the darkest place of my life. A place from which I truly thought there was no coming back.

Under the most ideal circumstances, divorce is difficult. When that divorce includes the darkest secret a wife can keep from her husband, devastation is inevitable.

A Father’s Nightmare explores the emotional, financial and legal struggles that accompany a marriage destroyed by adultery and paternity fraud.

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