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Understanding Your Dreams

Length: 66 pages1 hour


Dreams can be confusing, fascinating, frightening or inspiring. There are many types of dreams including recurring dreams, predictive dreams, nightmares, flying dreams, falling dreams and wish-fulfilment dreams. There are just as many dream theories. This book will answer many of your questions about dreams and offers helpful guidance on dream interpretation using real dreams as examples.


Chapter One – What are dreams? – States of consciousness – Why analyse dreams? – How dreamwork can give psychological insight – Remembering dreams – interpretation of dreams and the dream content – Linking dreams to life events – Reversals in dreams – Universal symbolism in dreams
Chapter Two – Dreaming around the world – Dream incubation – The Gate of Dreams – Interpreting dreams in the past – Freud and dreams – Jung and dreams
Chapter Three – The Twilight Zone –
Chapter Four – Types of dreams – Lucid dreams – Psychic dreams – Spiritual guidance through dreams – Astral travel and dreams – Dreams of winning the lottery – Nightmares – The collective unconscious and common dreams – The Feminine within – The Masculine within
Chapter Five – Children and dreams
Chapter Six – Dream symbolism and dream interpretation – Hidden meanings in your dreams – dream interpretation examples
Chapter Seven – Dreams as a reflection of life with example interpretations
Chapter Eight – Deceased relatives and estranged lovers
Chapter Nine – Dream Inspiration

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