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Books for Boomers: Reviews & Coaching Tips

Length: 110 pages1 hour


Most Baby Boomers (the cohort of Americans born between 1946 and 1964) believe that they will still be working during their retirement years.

Eight in ten say they plan to work at least part-time--and others envision starting their own business or working full-time at a new job or career--according to an AARP Segmentation Analysis: Baby Boomers Envision Their Retirement.

By 2015, estimates the National Council on the Aging, 20% of the U.S. work force will be over age 55, up from 13% in 2000. This "phased retirement" of Baby Boomers will shape the American workplace and compensate for a severe talent gap due to a shrinking supply of new workforce entrants. Phased retirement will allow Baby Boomers to engage in work they enjoy while providing needed income.

This book is based on boomer generation book reviews previously published on The Baby Booomer Life Tips blog at and future blog postings can viewed on this website or may be downloaded automatically to your eReader, including by subscription through the Kindle store.

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