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Strange Girl

Length: 148 pages2 hours


A young Swedish girl with a quiet, retiring manner, Eva is only 18 when she comes to England on the run from a dark past. She ends up as a librarian in a small town on the south coast. But her shy, awkward exterior cannot conceal her addictive and darkly kinky nature, any more than her dowdy clothes can conceal that she has the voluptuous body of a model. She falls prey to the puritanical but perverted 50 year old Head Librarian. This much older man develops an obsession with her large breasts , and after demanding to see her knickers, wants to sully those tiny items every day. An abusive relationship based on degradation and lust begins, to the horror of the library staff, with fierce consequences.
Miles away from the formulas of standard erotic fiction, this is a true autobiographical story, with real people, real kinks and real lusts.This story is a very sticky mess.
Front cover shows authoress.

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