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Bridge Over the Valley

Length: 466 pages7 hours


Between Seattle and Chicago an upscale passenger train carries people across the scenic Rockies of Southern Montana and speeds across the prairie farmland of North Dakota. During the night, the train crosses a high bridge above a river, valley and town. Tucked deep in the Dakota prairies, Cheneau Valley, watches its children grow up in an atmosphere of love and caring. Included in this setting is Travis Olsen who is the eldest son of a hard-working North Dakota farm family. There are high expectations for Travis who plans to farm with his dad after he completes his college education. Travis is a self-made competitive young man with a passion for basketball. During his senior year in high school he is focused on the new love of his life, Katie Russell, and winning the state basketball championship.
Hundreds of miles to the West in suburban Seattle, Trevor Jensen, the eldest son of a wealthy lawyer, is pushed into the performing arts. A talented young man with a bright future, Trevor becomes burnt out with schoolwork and postpones his college career by unwisely choosing to take on a menial job working nights on the Mountain Daylight passenger train.
This story takes us on an all-encompassing journey into the lives and loves of families separated by not only distance, but choice of lifestyle as well. Two worlds, which seem so independent of one another, will soon collide unexpectedly due to a tragic event fated to bring them together.

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