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Surgery On Conscious Patients by Dr Naga of Burma

Length: 142 pages55 minutes


In the 1960's Dr Naga was transferred to a hospital which was not used much. None of the local people went to hospitals, despite their need for medical help.
So Dr Naga walked to the villages where the people lived.
He often dressed like them and walked all over Nagaland, operating on those who had real problems.

In January 2011, Cathy Win and Heiko Rudolph met Dr Naga, and he told us his story about traveling from village to village in the Nagaland hills of Burma from the 1960's to 2005 removing tumors, goiters, growths and "lumps and bumps".

He has developed some useful surgical methods:
His patients are conscious while he operates using local nerve block, he even asks them to sing, count and drink water while they are on the table.

We decided to publish his story as a book in the hope that others follow him. At a guess ~80% of the money and effort is spent on ~20% of the problems, and the need of the poor people in the villages is still unmet (Pareto principle).

Dr Naga's story is now a book written by Gregory Kleiman and edited by Heiko Rudolph. Greg spent 15 years as monk in Myanmar.

Dr Naga is now 78, still operating. Greg and Heiko are publishing his work so others can learn about his work.

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