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BIG DREAMS little man

Length: 760 pages10 hours


Fist fights, a car wreck and being shot at have frayed 17 year old Daniel Crosscups’ nerves. He doesn’t want to kill anyone, but murder seems like the only way he’ll get any sleep. After a coke fueled drug dealer threatens to kill Daniel’s friends, Daniel promises to put him out of business. With each failed attempt, Daniel’s insomnia worsens. On top of that, Daniel’s best friend has convinced him to assist with his suicide.
BIG DREAMS little man is a humorous work of character-driven, literary fiction. Seen through the eyes of its drug addled and sleep deprived characters, BIG DREAMS little man unfolds across a dreamlike landscape populated with psychics and a family of 17 dancing brothers with giant, light-bulb-shaped heads.
This book was written for adults. If it were a movie it would be rated R for profanity, drug use, violence and mild sexual content.

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