How To Create Your First Website Quickly, Cheaply and Easily
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If you want to create your own website but find the prospect frightening, then “How To Create Your First Website Quickly, Cheaply and Easily” has been written especially for you. No previous knowledge required. No previous knowledge assumed. Small simple steps take you from start to finish. I explain everything you need to do, step-by-step. It is not a complicated thing to do. It is very easy, and you will end up with a website you can add pages to simply by typing the words you want to appear on the page, without having to learn any computer code or website language. Everything is kept as simple as possible, but you end up with a professional looking website.

In creating this eBook I have made the following assumptions:
1) You DO want to create a website quickly and easily
2) You DO want to create a website as cheaply as possible
3) You DO want a website that doesn’t require you to learn computer code.
4) You DO want a textbook you can understand, with lots of pictures

Imagine the plumbing in your house for a minute. To have a wash, all you need to know is that water comes out of the tap when you turn the tap on, and water flows away when you remove the plug. You don’t need to know how the water is collected, how it’s filtered and cleaned, or how it’s delivered to your home. When you pull the plug you don’t need to know where the water goes to or what happens to it.

This book teaches you something just as simple when you create a website. You want to type something, and for that page of type to appear on your website. You don’t need to know how all the physics, computer language or electronics works behind the scenes. Many books on website creation for absolute beginners spend a lot of time telling you how things work, but you don’t really need to know. Apart from a small section which simply explains a few terms, this eBook concentrates only on the things you need to know and nothing more. That’s not to say you can’t go further if you want to. Should you decide later that you want to try something more adventurous, then this eBook will give you a firm foundation to build on.

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