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Anita's Rescue

Length: 269 pages6 hours


A Chaos Novel - Book Two

An invitation to a prestigious music festival seals the destination of a planned summer cruise on the Kalliste, destination: The Jersey Shore.

The chance to play, learn, and teach at the prestigious Gilchrist Youth Music festival is a dream come true for the young prodigy Tina and she soon immerses herself in the music that she loves. Along with Tony she finds a kindred spirit in the young girl Anita. It is something that has been missing from their lives and hearts for many years.

For Tony sailing his grandfather's yacht Kalliste twenty-five hundred miles on the round trip is a dream in and of itself. Setting out on the adventure filled with fun, music, and adventure is the goal. What he finds is being the captain of the vessel turns out to mean more than he ever thought was possible and that dangers upon the way can lead to unintended consequences, not all of them bad.

Everything is a whirlwind for Rebecca. She'd only been able to walk for a few months now and events surrounding her life were moving at a fevered pitch since meeting Tony and joining the band. She liked to sing in church and then with her friends in the musical group Chaos. What awaits her in her former home of New Jersey is both wonderful and terrible. The possibilities, however, seem boundless.

After a chance meeting after a with a member of the rock super-group Ziggurat everything changes. Their small, opening performance will turn into a catalyst that will set them on an unstoppable path to fame and success.

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