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In todays market your chances of making interview can be 1000-1 or even higher - there are so many people sending CV's to employers and agencies. However, research shows that a well-constructed, interesting and directly-relevant CV can improve your chances to 10-1 or maybe even better.

You won’t get in if you don’t stand out. And if you don't stand out you will end up at the bottom of the pile. Guaranteed. So... if you know your CV is lacking there are 3 things you can do...

Option 1. Leave it as it is and keep on hoping

Option 2. Go to a CV Writing agency and let them write it for you

Option 3. Learn to sell and market yourself effectively.

This book is in two parts.

The first part is “READ IT!”. It’s designed so that you read what you’re going to need to know...

1.Selling YOU!
2.What Employers Want
3.Using Competencies to gauge your suitability
5.Positive and Negative Words
6.Measurable Achievements
7.Types of CV
8.Scale & Scope Indicators, Experience and Achievements – ideas for personal statements

Background research into the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts, positives and negatives associated with writing a CV. Contains lists of words and phrases that can cast you in a league of your own if used correctly and with a little thought.

The second part is “DO IT!”

1.Construct your CV
2.Covering Letters

This is where you give yourself 60 minutes and compose an attention-grabbing, eye-catching CV. Contains examples of the correct use of scale and scope indicators which enhance your experience plus how to turn responsibilities into achievements. No employer is going to be hooked on your past responsibilities.... but they will be attracted by achievements – especially if they are coupled with scale and scope indicators.

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60 Minute CV - Nick J. Alexander

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Chapter ONE


This is about sales and marketing. And the product is you. Therefore it is appropriate and necessary that you analyse your main selling points and use them at every opportunity.

Employers want people who can make things happen

And making things happen means being effective

And to be effective you need to have the confidence of acquired knowledge combined with the everyday social skills you use when you interact with others

Every waking moment you think, you speak, you listen (hopefully), you read, you write, you make decisions, you motivate - yourself and others. All intangible skills but which have the most profound effect on your prospects in life.

For instance, two people can possess an identical qualification but have a completely different manner - one might be shy and retiring, the other brash and outgoing. No matter how similar you may appear to someone else you are uniquely YOU. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Nothing wrong with strengths but also nothing wrong with weaknesses either - provided they don't hamper your job prospects! The key is to list your strengths and make sure that they are appropriately highlighted. Then list your weaknesses. And everyone, has weaknesses. Some people are just better are camouflaging them. This is an opportunity to learn from those weaknesses and to begin to negate them as a barrier to job opportunities. 

If you're applying for a specific job you must tailor your selling points to the candidate requirements as stated. In my experience when asked what their selling points are most candidates have some degree of difficulty - simply because they haven't thought about them, never mind analysing them!  

Sell yourself in your covering letter or fail!

Your unique selling points MUST be powerfully stated in your covering letter which then becomes a positive selling tool instead of just an accompanying document. This is your opportunity to grab the readers attention and state right up front why you should be interviewed for the position. Your CV will generally not get a look in if your cover letter is weak and