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Jason D. and the Blood of Heroes

384 pages5 hours


A lot can happen in 24 months. But during the next 6 months the impossible will happen.

For Jason Dee it was losing his arm in a freak car accident during a fierce lightning storm that also claimed his father's life. His 114 year-old great-grandfather, in the very same car with them, was left miraculously unscathed.

Jason and his great-grandfather never spoke to each other after the tragedy. That wasn't the weird part. What was unusual was the fact that Jason couldn't remember speaking to his great-grandfather at all. Ever. In his entire life. But when his great-grandfather suddenly dies and leaves Jason with a cryptic letter apologizing for the very incident that shattered his life, his world turns from tragic to truly incredible.

Now, supposedly a member of a secret fraternity along with five other boys he's never met, Jason must somehow seek them out one by one in time to save his world from a lurking evil. But if he doesn’t discover the clues hidden within his very name in time, and uncover how these answers relate to the last six months of the year, he and his friends will surely fail.

Join Jason Dee as he begins an unfathomable adventure in search of the “other five” that will span the globe, and plunge him into the very annals of mythological folklore.

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