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A Change of Career

Length: 130 pages2 hours


I was always the good girl, devoting myself to my studies. It got me a Harvard Law degree, and a job with one of New York's more prestigious law firms. And then one day I realized that I had no life to speak of, had never had one, and wasn't going to have one for many years to come. With a high student loan, a job which had my nose buried in books for 12 hours a day, and no social life to speak of, I was looking at a dozen years before my career paid out. And that would leave me a middle aged woman who'd never done anything exciting or wild or crazy. And so, inspired by fate, and an unusual client, I began to branch out and learn new skills, and shifted into another career path. This one had a lot more fun, a lot more thrills and excitement, and paid a lot better. The business card might say 'Legal Consultant' but my new career was that of a high priced call girl.

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