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The Scrivener's Tale, Book II of the Mustt Adventures

Length: 207 pages2 hours


In The Scrivener’s Tale, sequel to Angus Brownfield’s Pool of Tears, the Worst Case Scenario has been visited on Dorothy Mustt, smartest of the Talkers. Held prisoner by warped scientist Jason Ramback, she refuses to divulge the whereabouts of her kith and kin. Jason hires novelist Gavin MacDonald to help Dorothy write her memoir, hoping in the process she will reveal her secret. Gavin and Dorothy form a bond and he spirits her away from her prison, hoping to reunite with her the other Talkers. He’s aided by two women, one a former lover and still best friend, the other a new love. Three humans and a mouse outthink Jason and his CIA sponsors who wanted Dorothy to escape so that they can track her to the hideout of the other Talkers. The problem is, she doesn’t know their whereabouts and wouldn’t lead even trusted humans there. Has Gavin’s messing with national security been in vain? Tune in.

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