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The Boviniad: Book I - The Injection

Length: 87 pages44 minutes


The Boviniad - a new verse translation of one of the most famous epics of post-antiquity. This first volume, The Injection, is where it all begins - Diplodocus's classic UFO invasion tale of giant cows from outer space.

For years Archibald Jenkins has been a lead supervisor atop Pantamoolian Delta - one of six bovines orbiting Venus since the mid-20th century. Throughout his career he has overseen the injection of many tourists into Delta's voluminous rump, and his record has remained perfect. But now Jenkins's retirement is imminent, and after one last injection he will be finally heading home.

Unfortunately Jenkins has not accounted for the schemes of Dr. Julius van der Grooven - a mad scientist and bureaucrat who will use this injection to serve his own insidious ends. He cares little for Jenkins, his pension, or his family back home, and even less for the giant creature he hopes to exploit.

And so begins the tale, of this last great voyage into bovine country, and the pleasure ship that almost never broke the skin. It is here we first make the acquaintance of a large and colorful cast - ushers, artists, gamblers, mad captains, narcoleptic detectives, mathematicians, hopeless drunks, and much more, as we embark upon an anatomical odyssey unlike any other. Along the way we will undergo side trips to Venus, an alternate France, and new worlds previously unconceived.

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