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Theron and the Curse

Length: 274 pages3 hours


Once again, Theron starts a new journal to continue to relate his afterlife activities. This time, he writes about an ancient curse that forces him to investigate a suspicious death in his village. Could a witch have actually come back from hell to murder a future relative on the same spot where she was burned alive? When the curse moves on to include the next oldest relative, it appears that this is so.

New surprises arrive that will keep you laughing. At other times, you’ll be horrified. The suspense continues to grow until you’ll have to wonder if Theron can find a way to escape the witch’s clutches without destroying the fabric of the afterlife he has achieved.

Soon to be released:

THERON AND THE DENTIST, the fifth book in the Theron Series. As an spinoff of the series, I’ll also be releasing ASHER ST. JAMES, the personal memoirs of one of Theron’s friends. If you are familiar with the tri-state area of New York, this will make you fall off your chair laughing.

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