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Sex In The Office 5: Get It While You Can

Length: 21 pages19 minutes


Imagine an office full of beautiful young men and women, an office where every fantasy is acted out....
In this episode, young Eve meets a new man. She planned to ask him about a Saturday job, but one thing leads to another and she gives him a sexy treat he'll remember forever!
Back at the office, a gloomy meeting about a company takeover seems to herald the end of their sexy fun, but there's still time for them all to enjoy a six way orgy.
It's Tina's boyfriend's birthday, so Eve help out by giving him an extra special present. They cook his favourite meal, but he soon loses his appetite when Eve and Tina put on a sexy show for him! His birthday ends with the three of them enjoying each other's company in a most intimate way.
5,379 words.

Each book in the 'Sex In The Office' series can be enjoyed in it's own right, without purchasing the others. However, there is a story that links them all!

Warning: This story contains explicit scenes of sex. Adults only!

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