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Halloween Past and Present: Origins, Ancient Customs and Modern-Day Ideas

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In this e-book, discover more about the ancient customs of Halloween: the night of ghosts, fairies and witches. What are the ghostly origins of these ancient rituals and how did people protect themselves from the evil spirits they believed roamed the earth on All Hallow’s Eve? Find inspiration for Halloween party themes and Halloween costumes including ideas for all the zodiac signs. Learn some of the spells that would have been performed by the ancients to help them see the future or for attracting success and prosperity. Discover how to tap into your inner magic on the Pagan New Year’s Eve. Tips are also given on how to keep your dog safe on the spookiest night of the year. Finally a book on Halloween cannot be complete without a true ghost story!


One – The Ancient Origins of Halloween and Modern-Day Celebrations
Two – Halloween Customs taken from Ancient Rituals
Three – Halloween Spells: Fun Spells for Romance and Luck
Four – Halloween Costume Ideas for all the Family
Five – Halloween and the Star Signs: Tune into the Magic of Your Zodiac Sign at Halloween
Six – Halloween Party ideas and Zodiac Signs
Seven – Halloween Costume ideas for Zodiac Signs
Eight – True Ghost Story for Halloween
Nine – How to Keep your Dog safe at Halloween
Ten ~ Halloween Quotations

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