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Superstitions: Origins, Explanations and Examples

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What are superstitions and why are people superstitious? How did superstitions originate and how can they be explained? In this book you will find the answers along with more information about Wedding customs and superstitions, birth and death customs and superstitions. Find out how the sea, sport, the Moon, numbers, crystals and Christmas are linked with superstitions. Is there any area of life that has not been touched at some time by superstition? Are you superstitious? You could be surprised!

One – Why are people superstitious and different types of superstitions
Two – Superstitions and how it all began – Are people still superstitious?
Three – Wedding customs and love superstitions
Four – Birth and death customs and superstitions
Five – Superstitions, the Moon and farming
Six – Medieval England and superstitions
Seven – Superstitions and numbers
Eight – Superstitions and crystals
Nine – Sea travel and superstitions
Ten – Superstitions and sport
Eleven – Christmas customs and superstitions
Twelve – Indian culture and superstitions
Thirteen (unlucky for some!) – Superstitions that are lined to the body
Fourteen – Bees and omens and superstitions or bees and Old Wives Tales!

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