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Length: 461 pages7 hours


Broken is the bittersweet journey of a man desperately trying to come to terms with his wife’s suicide only to discover that he never truly loved her, but loved another woman instead.

Wyatt Trilmon is an artist, a widower, an ex-husband, an unrealized father, and a bit of a recluse whose grasp on reality is becoming weaker by the day. Wyatt is also a man very much in love with Lesley, a childhood sweetheart he married then foolishly divorced to pursue a dream he thought he wanted – a woman no longer his, but one who could be, if only she would let herself. And Addie, she’s just collateral damage.

Set along the shores of Lake Michigan at the beginning of the 1974 summer season, the story begins in the picturesque town of Point Caneissa. As the anniversary of Addie’s suicide draws near, Wyatt attempts to shut himself away in his lakeside home. Discovering her brother has become all but a recluse, Prue plans an impromptu visit and begins her search for answers to Wyatt’s strange behavior. But what she uncovers is even more unbelievable.

Feeling Wyatt is at his breaking point, and fearing she may crumble with him, Prue reaches out to Lesley for help. Making her way back to Point Caneissa, Lesley wonders why fate has continually brought Wyatt into her life. And then there are the secrets that threaten to separate Wyatt and Lesley forever. Will this be the end of their relationship or will this be the start of a happily-ever-after? But even happy endings have consequences.

Unique storytelling paired with an unconventional romance that has ghostly repercussions, Paige Palmer interweaves a captivating story from the viewpoint of each character, leading the reader to embark on an emotionally charged journey home, the remnants of which are Broken.

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