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Pirates Versus Ninjas

Length: 108 pages1 hour


“Jack the Boy’s life was now in the hands of the mad man who had just held him so tightly, the strange ghost of the seas with beard as blue as the waters he sailed on. To have deceived him now would cost him the air in his lungs; even if he did lead Captain Bluebeard into a successfully orchestrated ninja trap, his last act before meeting his end at Eastern hands would be to take the Boy down with him, to deprive him of life just as he was suffering the same. It would not do to disappoint his Captain.”

When Jack the Boy betrays Captain Bluebeard and steals his booty, he provokes the final phase of a war which has spanned eons: the war of Pirates versus Ninjas. Which side will win? Or, as the enigmatic Liu predicted, do they both face doom at the end of a reptilian foot?

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