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Apocalyptic: A Doomsday Anthology

Length: 100 pages1 hour


This anthology explores how the world could have ended in five different ways on Dec. 21, 2012. The first answers the question: "What would happen if dragons came out of hiding?"
"Music" follows the travels of two musicians as they try to figure out what the tall, thin alien-like being is and why is disappears when they try to get a closer look.
God, the Devil and Death argue about what to do with our over-populated planet. Lighter humour as the three powers make fun of each other and comment about Earth.
Abnormal flora and an "Alice in Wonderland" type story dominates "Picnic". The young child must figure out what happened on Friday, Dec. 12 2012 and why she can't seem to remember it.
"Ask before Shooting" explores the realm of Ambrosia, a magical place filled with mythical creatures and ruled by a single King. The problem? Ignorant Earthlings tried to blow up the planet and one Ambrosian in particular is not pleased.
Are any of these stories actually plausible? The only to know is to read and find out.
Also included is a free six chapter preview of author Dairenna VonRavenstone's full length novel "The Tale of the Twins Book 1".

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