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Spirits of the Border: Military Ghosts

Length: 286 pages3 hours


Ken Hudnall's "Spirits of the Border" series is an invaluable guide to ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts alike. This series allows the reader to explore the supernatural side of different places throughout the United States. This volume examines the paranormal activity surrounding military sites. From Civil War battlefields to the US Army's military intelligence training grounds this is a fabulous guide to 40 different sites. Find out what military installation Abraham Lincoln still haunts and what ghostly apparitions appear at West Point. The digital edition is perfect way to take your passion for the paranormal with you as you explore the history and mystery of the those who have selflessly served our country.

Stories in this text include tales for the following places and topics: Air Force Ghosts, Alcatraz, Antietam, Chickamauga, Fort Bellefontaine, Fort Benning, Fort Blair, Fort Bowie, Fort Concho, Fort De Chartres, Fort Dodge, Fort Hays, Fort Huschuca, Fort Leaton, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Mcallister, Fort Mifflin, Fort Monroe, Va, Fort Phantom Hill, Fort Pulaski, Fort Riley, Fort Scott, Fort Sheridan, Fort Washita, Gettysburg, Jefferson Barracks, John Brown, Keesler Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Fallon, Nellis Air Force Base, Oak Ridge Military Academy, Old Arsenal Little Rock, Arkansas, Pea Patch Island, St. Louis Arsenal, Stones River, The Alamo, The Singing Soldiers, United States Military Academy at West Point, and Vicksburg.

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